“Jason Profits Hypnosis Roadshow” is available to entertain your medium to large groups of any kind. Depending on your type of group, the presentation can be varied to suit your groups needs.

Corporate Events:

Our corporate clients have the benefit of your employees being able to laugh and have fun together while creating memories that will last a lifetime. Laughing and having fun at a hypnosis show serves as a golden team building opportunity. Along with the comedy comes a few lessons in the power of the mind and how these ideas can benefit their work goals.

College Groups:

College groups love comedy stage hypnosis for their fun times and side splitting entertainment. For our college groups we offer more mature and sophisticated routines while still keeping the act clean and tasteful. Students on stage and in the audience will enjoy gut busting fun while hearing a few ideas on how the power of the mind can shape their destiny.

High School Groups:

High school events of all kinds can benefit from a comedy hypnotist! Jasons fast paced hypnotic routines help students on stage and in the crowd have fun and learn a thing or two as well.  If your school is planning an after prom event, orientation, senior night or any other type of event that needs headline entertainment then comedy hypnosis is just what you are looking for. The gut busting fun starts from the minute the show starts and includes tidbits of knowledge on how to reach their goals in life.