Fraternity & Sorority Entertainment Comedy Hypnotist Greenville SC Anderson Spartanburg

Fraternity & Sorority Entertainment Comedy Hypnotist Greenville SC

If you are looking for entertainment for your college or university Sorority or Fraternity event then the comedy hypnotist Jason Profit is your solution!

Comedy hypnotism shows have become very popular with school groups as an entertaining way to create a memorable event. Jason Profits Hypnosis Roadshow brings hilarious entertainment to your group with interactive skits and hilarious fun that everyone will talk about for years to come.

As an entertainer, Jason has been featured by nearly every major media outlet in the Upstate of South Carolina and has performed for major corporations and school groups alike. Jasons brand of comedy hypnosis puts your guests at the center stage as they become the stars of this one of kind show of epic proportions.

What is comedy hypnosis? 

The show begins with some brief information about hypnosis and what to expect. Then after some fun experiments, guests get to volunteer to participate in the show and get a chance to shine the superstars they are! Next Jason will guide the participants through a hypnotic induction in which they become deeply entranced and suggestible.

Now the fun begins! There will be demonstrations of odd hypnotic phenomena and wildly comical skits and routines in which are hilarious, zany, off the wall and ALWAYS respectful. After all, your guests ARE the stars and Jasons goal is to insure that the audience AND the participants have the time of their lives.

The important info…

Jason can cater to performance areas ranging from meeting halls to large auditoriums and groups of all sizes. Keep in mind that the minimum audience size for college and university groups should at minimum be 50-60 people but larger groups are even more fun! Jason likes to shoot for about 20 volunteer participants for the show, so we need to make sure that there are enough people in the audience to watch the show after volunteers have been brought on stage.

The show is designed to last about an hour and is fast pace from start to finish. All you need to provide is a space to perform, chairs for the volunteers and an adequate sound system with microphone and an AUX in. Jason will bring the Hypnosis Roadshow to your event and have your guests rolling on the floor and their sides splitting with laughter as they make memories that will last a lifetime.

So if you have a college or university event that needs an entertainer, look no further than Jason Profits Hypnosis Roadshow!

For more details, use the contact form below and include as much info as you can about your event.

As you feel more curious about bringing Jason Profit as your entertainment option for your sorority or fraternity event, go ahead and act on that curiosity! Contact Jason now so we can get to planning your event! Imagine how awesome it will be as people look back on this comedy hypnosis show as the most amazing time they ever had at a school event… and the pride you will feel as the one who put it all together… It all starts with getting in touch with Jason for a quote today!

Jason services South Carolina, North Carolina and Georgia but is available to travel to other areas in the southeast based on availability. If you are in Greenville, Spartanburg, Anderson, Clemson, Columbia or anywhere in the upstate of SC then you are in Jasons home service area. Near or far, Jason Profits Hypnosis Roadshow is your ticket to an amazing event…

Use this form to request more info about Jason Profits Hypnosis Roadshow. Pleas include as much information about your event as possible such as date, location, time, expected attendance, college or university name, group affiliation if applicable.