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Quit Smoking And Help Others Do The Same! Crush Smoking Case Study is OPEN! Thanks for your interest…

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Quit Smoking And Help Others Do The Same!

Crush Smoking Case Study is OPEN!

Thanks for your interest in my online smoking cessation hypnosis program! My name is Jason Profit and I am a professional hypnotist.

My “Crush Smoking” program is as close to an in office smoking cessation program as you can get. In my office every week, people leave non-smokers… and you can have the same results as they have… from the comfort of home!

See I smoked for half of my life, and even though I had been practicing hypnosis for years by then, I had my doubts about how well hypnosis would work for my smoking cessation goals. Well I finally bit the bullet and committed to the choice to quit smoking and used what I knew and recorded a session for myself. I have been smoke free for more than a decade!

My program has come a LONG way since then and is designed by a former smoker with a smokers needs in mind.  Since I know how tough of a challenge it is, I have created a program that provides total support.

Many people find success after their very first session… others need a little more support.

Crush Smoking has everything needed to make it through the critical first week and deliver lasting results!

Smoking cessation hypnosis crushes myths like:

  • You gain weight when you quit smoking
  • When you quit you will be grumpy for a while
  • The cravings make it hard to do
  • Quitting smoking is hard

Hypnosis helps clear most of the obstacles smokers face and helps them remain smoke free permanently!

The program includes:

  • Introductory video with instructions just like my in office clients experience in person
  • Day 1 hypnosis session crushes smoking… MP3 audio file can be used on any device with a set of headphones or earbuds.
  • Day 3 hypnosis session shifts you perspectives helping you see yourself as a non-smoker… MP3 audio file.
  • Day 5 hypnosis session helps concrete success and address any concerns of weight gain after quitting MP3 audio file.
  • BONUS: Short mindfulness MP3 session to help you reduce life’s stresses
  • BONUS: “2 Minute Craving Crusher” MP3 session to carry on your phone and crush the little cravings that may creep up over the next few days.

This is the complete experience that my in person clients see huge success with!

Case Study Program:

This course is NOT available for the public yet. But we ARE open and accepting case study participants!

I need about 50 folks who are willing to offer their successful experiences and record a video testimonial to share your success. In exchange for agreeing to help me out, I will give you a crazy cheap deal to be part of the case study program.

See, people today are often skeptical of internet offers. As a hypnotist with 30 years of experience, I want to help as many people become non-smokers as possible. When people see that OTHERS have had success they too feel like they can do it. This is where I can use your help!

Normally my smoking cessation program in office is $300…

This online version is going to sell for $147.97

But for my case study folks… You will just pay $50… That is like $250 off my office rate!

Once I have enough case study participants, this rate will no longer be valid. So if you want to try my Crush Smoking program for cheap… AND get a chance to help others do the same then click the button below and make your payment.

ATTN:  Our case study program is NOW OPEN! You will get IMMEDIATE access once you sign up!

The 50 case study spots will fill up fast… So if you want to be in the case study group then go ahead and place your order today. The exclusive case study group is closing soon!

**Once you sign up, you will be given instant access to the Crush Smoking members area!

ORDER today before the spots are full! Instant Access!

Order now for just $50